Saturday, January 24, 2009

The past week

Looking back over the past week, and the matching photos, it appears like it was rather exciting, and not so boring. Because I have the delightful privilege to stay home all day, all week, all month and all year, nearly everyone I speak to believes I'm bored out of my tree. I quit a full time office/clerk job in March 1984, 25 years ago! I've had quite a few part time jobs since then, and the full time job of raising one son and helping to take care of two nephews. I'm always quietly on the go. It may appear deadly monotonous to some, but so far I'm quite happy, although the house is still very, very quiet.

The weatherman has truly mentioned the "s" word in his vocabulary for tonight. A 30% chance of it. Why am I obsessed with the weather? I think one reason is that I hate the feeling of being trapped, and that's what happens when snow descends on Vancouver; we're all trapped in our homes. Being trapped for one month was not a pleasant experience. As of today, we've had snow on the ground for six solid weeks. My parents cannot remember any other time since they've been living here that there has been snow for that long. My dad has lived here since 1941, and my mom since 1955. It feels like a REAL WINTER this year. I've always wondered what one felt like. 2003 was the year that it felt like a REAL SUMMER, and the forest fires destroyed a lot of the interior of BC, and nearly burned up the town of Barriere where my in-laws live. We seem to live in a time of extremes.


Amy said...

LOVE your Chatty Cathy dolls!!! I do still have mine and I love her.
I would really have liked to tag along to that incedible library. I adore books so much.

Amy said...

I see you like Columbo (in your profile info) I am a fan too!!
No, I did not build my doll house but I did paint it and do the inside too. I do not think I have ever taken inside pictures of it. I should!
Sorry to keep replying here but your comment does not link me to an email reply address for you. So, hope you do not mind me answering your questions here.
Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs. I will do the same. Glad to know you.

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I can still remember the long, dreary winters in NJ. It does get old after a while. I hope spring comes to Vancouver soon!

Amy said...

Hi, It's me again!

The ATC's (artistic trading cards) are the size of a trading card or baseball card. I cut the words from old books. I have a whole small box of snips and pieces of book words. Sometimes when I am looking for a word I want I find a whole different direction to go with for the caption!! It's very fun.