Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quiet Sunday at home

The snow never arrived. I'm so relieved! On the other hand, I had another bad migraine yesterday while out shopping. Ugh. That's 3 migraines already in 2009. I thought when I reached this great age of 48 that I would cease to have them, but it appears that I am doomed. So I'm staying at home today, while my hubby went to church alone. It's very quiet here. I'm relaxing and drinking lots of hot Tetley tea (it helps) and perusing a very interesting blog called "Abundant Curiosities", which is so intriguing I've added it to my growing list of favourites at the right hand side. If you click on it, you will discover its charms too. The entries have given me some ideas and my imagination is now churning, turning them over. I love to read such blogs and acquire new ideas! Here's one of Amy's ideas, which you can find on her Etsy shop: (I hope she doesn't mind me putting this here to get you to go and visit her shop!)

I've added my email address to my Profile page, so if you'd like to contact me directly you now can. I found that I couldn't reply to your posts, and I love hearing from the readers of my simple little blog.

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Amy said...

Thanks for promoting my blog and shop!!!!!! I am so honored that you like my thoughts and other "stuff".
These button cards are so fun to make.They are good to use in art or sewing projects of many kinds.