Friday, January 16, 2009

Chatty Cathy Teatimes from 2003

I am going to add all my Chatty Cathy tea time pictures until I'm up to the present year. That should take many posts, as my good friend Linda and I have had many teas together, each one seeming to be better than the last one, and the best ones of all were in Disneyland in 2006! The photo above was taken on Sept 24, 2003, at Linda's lovely home. She made the most superb chicken salad sandwiches I've ever tasted. On that day she taught me how to do a boil perm!

This is the first time we met at the local mall; March 27, 2003. We had contacted each other through an online Chatty Cathy group, and we thought it was too risky to meet in each other's homes. All of the Chatty dolls belong to Linda, except for the dark haired one that I'd named Natasha.

Interestingly we both had made nearly identical Easter dresses for our dolls, and we thought that was a good sign of things to come!

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Yes, I remember you getting together for tea and I'm glad to hear the tradition continues.