Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's blizzarding again...

Oh woe is me. The snow is whirling and twirling in a blizzard again. The green, green grass was beginning to show in our yard, and the roads were finally becoming clear. I let out a terrific scream when it began. Robert looked a bit startled. My friend Linda said she was going to jump off her balcony at the first sign of another snow flake. I wonder if she has...

Today I had a chiropractor appointment near Granville Island. My back is doing well since I've been wearing my new orthotic inserts, purchased last month for the grand price of $400. I've had plantar facsiitis in my left foot all year, and recently had it diagnosed. I thought the pain was simple aging. It wasn't. Because I waited so long my foot has taken longer to heal, of course.

The plantar fascia is an inflexible, strong fibrous band on the bottom of the foot, that supports the arch. It extends from the heel bone, along the length of your foot to connect with your toes at the ball of the foot. People with flat feet like myself often suffer from plantar facsiitis, because it is over stretched from too much walking, or poorly fitted shoes, and needs treatment, such as icing, stretching, massage and orthotics in a good support shoe.

I'm certainly feeling much better after getting my orthotics, which were fitted especially for me. After my appointment, Robert and I went to Granville Island for lunch, and a bit of grocery shopping. I was supposed to attend my monthly SCBWI writer's group meeting but my head wouldn't allow it. I think I'll go to bed for a nap, and to escape the wretched snow. Here are a few photos of Granville Island in the snow last month:

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