Monday, January 12, 2009

More great sales!

In desperation I took my cart and slithered to the Skytrain today. I believe I'll work off a few ounces just by dragging a cart through the slush! It was so nice to get out with it. I haven't done that for one whole month! I went to the local mall of course. One way costs $3.75 C. That's fairly expensive, as it's only 2 stops from my house. I bought Faresavers; 10 tickets for $28.50. If you buy the tickets separately it would cost $37.50, so I save quite a bit this way.

The mall had way less people in it than I've seen in months. It was lovely. There's a big sidewalk sale going on this week. My first stop was the dollar store, where I bought M & M chocolate peanut candy bags for only $1 each. I'm planning to give some to Matthew.

I bought some paper serviettes, cupcake holders, and a Christmas ornament for 75% off. The cupcake holders are made in the good ol' USA; the new ones are all made in China. I stock up whenever I can find them. I also bought the necessary fruit and veggies from my favourite Langley Market, and had a piping hot cup of decaf coffee along with a raisin bun from my favourite Manzano bakery. (not too nutritious but it hit the spot) I also bought salmon for supper tonight, and then checked out a few more sales. I found a darling Thomas Kincaide mini house that lights up for only $3.50, to add to my dolly's village scene. Let me see if I have a picture: (click to enlarge)

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Glad you finally got out! Hang in there...spring is just around the corner. We're both blogging up a storm this year. I've already surpassed previous years in number of posts. :)