Friday, January 2, 2009

A new goal

I have a new goal; I'm going to try to reach 1000 posts this year. Wait, I just figured out the math and that would be impossible, unless I posted around 3 times per day. (I never was very good at math)

Anyhow, my goal is to post often in my blog, instead of emailing. So if you're here reading this, thanks for dropping by. I'm going to upload a new picture each time I post. I love photography and I have two wonderful cameras. One is a lovely Canon Rebel XT and the other is a fantastic little Nikon that fits in my purse; it's the one that traveled all over Europe with me in '07. I love new technology when I can understand it.
Here are 2 photos of our snow. It's supposed to snow again later today. I'm nearly becoming an expert at walking in it, but not quite. I am building up terrific leg and bum muscles though.

Here is my bird bath on December 21, 2008:

Here is my bird bath on December 26, 2008:


Debbie said...

Hi Loretta!
Just loggin in to say that I was here and I love your photos. Keep at it!

Hugs from your Chatty friend, Debbie G

Steven said...

HI Loretta, great pictures your doing good. WOW looks like you had alot of snow.


DayDreamn World said...

What an ambitious goal...1,000 posts! Here I thought I was ambitious by trying to get back to walking in 2009. I'm going to start off the year blogging as often as I can...possibly even daily. I have a feeling that as the year goes by it will taper off. Do me a favor and keep me on track! Love the snow pictures! Keep them coming. Betty

Anonymous said...

It's not fair! I LOVE the snow and we haven't had any (to speak of) yet this year. Freezing rain, VERY cold temperatures, but NO snow. So not fair. Marlene

Anonymous said...

I find it's best if you say something impressive yet not too impressive, such as 100 posts this year ! That doesn't sound as good as 1000 though. . . but your posts are so good maybe they're worth 10 times as much. This is from Leona