Sunday, January 4, 2009

A snowy weekend!

I'm housebound again, due to the 8" of snow we got all day yesterday. It began to snow on Friday night around 11 pm and didn't quit until late last night. I'm just amazed at how much snow we've had this winter.

I'm listening to beautiful Christmas carols from Willingdon Church website. They have all the services archived on video format. Their website is in case you're interested. The Dec 21st service is lovely. I missed it due to a foot and a half of snow which we had that day. We've been going to Willingdon Church for 2 years now. I love Pastor Neufeld's sermons. There are 7,000 members, so I do feel rather lost in that church, but so far haven't found another close by which we would like to attend full time. Willindon is actually in walking distance from us, but too long of a hike in the snow! I'm just not brave when it comes to the weather elements.

Here is one photo I snapped yesterday and had fun using my Microsoft Picture It Publishing program adding the border. Scroll down for another.

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Betty (circa 1954) said...

Enjoyed your pictures...and your snow. I like the frames around the pictures. I wonder if my photo software can do that? Probably not because it's so old, but I know how to use it...sorta. Stay warm!