Monday, February 2, 2009

Memory Monday

Adolph and Helen Brutke
Here, as promised, are a few photos from my past. Well, my mother's past, to be exact. The picture above is from an album she recently loaned to me, and I'm scanning the photos into my computer. It takes a long time but is so worth it! I'm not sure of a date on this photo. Some of the photos aren't labeled.

I love this one of my mom! Isn't she so cute? Her family lived on a farm in the Eola hills of Amity Oregon. Originally her parents and both sets of grandparents immigrated from Rovno, Russia in 1910. They lived in Texas for a while, working to pay off their ship fare, and then relocated in Oregon. I'm working on a historical web page about them, and I'm hoping this new blog writing will inspire me to finish it!

The photos were taken outside because they didn't have a flash on their camera. Her mom made the cake. She was a good cook. My mom's birthday is July 15, 1933.


Linda said...

Your Mom was darling...but then she still is too!

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hello Loretta - i am so sorry - i dont think that I have thanked you for my lemonade award, its so kind of you...I will blog about it soon chick...just getting over pneumonia!

Ill link back to you - lovely black and white piccy's by the way :)

Love happy x

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Loretta, since your relatives were in Texas did they enter the country through Galveston? Thanks for sharing the photos...I love old photos.

Anonymous said...

Imagine having your photo taken amongst the corn stalks...those are so cute, thanks for putting them on your blog. i love your blog. it's set up so neat, easy to read and pretty. i've been on many sites for instance heavy metal that i can hardly read or make the words out and yours is way past them in quality. keep up the great work! Love, LP