Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vintage Valentines!

I found this by accident while hunting for something else in my overstuffed closet, so thought I should scan them in and share. This one was given to me by my youngest sister Marie, way back in 1979. Goodness! It's 30 years old! It's nearly vintage euphemera! There's no price on the back, so I guess it came from a package. It's from Hallmark, with a Betsey Clark label and "Coutts Hallmark, Toronto Canada 1971" on the back.

This one is also from Marie, 1978. By this time I was becoming sentimental and I began to date things. I was 17, Marie was 7.

This was sent to all 4 of us, from our cousin Melodie, around 1974. "Hallmark Charmers" is on the back, and 25V 72-3. I wonder if that means it was 25 cents?

The back of this card says "To Mommy Love, Loretta". I guess this would be around 1969, from the state of my writing. It still has it's envelope which says "For a good mother on Valentine's Day".

There's no date on this but I'm guessing it was 1962. (to myself) Hallmark Coutts Canada, 10 cents on the back.

I'm guessing that this is 1961, my first Valentine's Day. It's a Hallmark card, Coutts Canada, and was 5 cents.

This cute card was sent to me by Aunt Pat in 1982. American Greetings, Laurel, 40 cents is on the back. Now this was a walk down memory lane!


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

What a fun trip down memory lane! Can you believe it...a card for ten cents? They've gone up a little in price over the years.

Linda said...

The Valentines are really sweet. My Mom used to have a scrap book of the cards I received as a baby. I wonder if she threw it out or if she still has it. I should ask her. She also used to have a box of cards of her own she had saved. Probably from the thirties. And speaking of vintage Valentines, Save On Food is selling books on vintage Valentines for 6.99

Linda said...

It that you and Robert on the last card?

Debbie said...

Love your Valentine cards Loretta. My fave is the one that looks like a doll! And your Valentine Chatty picture is wonderful too!


Wow, I remember getting cards like that. But how could I? I'm only 27?! (wink,wink)

Happy Valentine's Day,