Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Writing Wednesday's where I come to a standstill! All my life I've enjoyed writing, and I discovered the charms of writing a story of my own way back in Grade 5. I think I'll dig out the notebook which I kept, and re-type it here for your reading pleasure! It was a mystery story of course; something about a lost necklace. At the moment I don't have a current writing project underway, which is the reason for this blog. I'm getting used to writing at a set time each day, and it's working. The creative juices are beginning to flow.

I belong to the Western Chapter of the Canadian SCBWI, which stands for: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I currently maintain their website, and edit their newsletter. The society is quite informative and helpful to all writers/illustrators, either beginning ones or published ones. I especially love their bi-monthly magazine. I also belong to a critique group that meets monthly and this month will meet in my home, so I must be on my toes and have some sort of manuscript to critique, or I'll feel dreadful!

If you'd like to visit the SCBWI Western branch, please visit here:
SCBWI Western Canada Chapter

I took Literature and English courses in High School, but mostly majored in Art, as I intended to be a children's book illustrator. That didn't materialize because I entered the work force, and discovered the joy of earning cold cash in a regular paycheque! I decided to save for Art college, but then 4 years after graduation from High School I met my husband, got married, used the hard earned cash as a down payment for our first home, and the dream vanished.

In 2000 I realized that I was turning 40! I figured that if I was going to ever write a book (my dreams had changed a bit) I'd better begin or it wouldn't happen. I filled out a questionnaire in my "junk" mail, from the Institute of Children's Literature to see if I qualified for their correspondence course, and when I was accepted, I worked on assignments for 2 1/2 years and passed the course in May 2003. It's a very well designed course, and I found it quite helpful. I worked on a children's historical novel for my last assignment, and wrote a complete outline of a story for young reader's age 9 - 12. I can see the story in my mind's eye to this day, and I even have a complete chapter outline, but I haven't finished it!

I'm a procrastinator, and although I love to begin projects, I have difficulty finishing them. I would love to complete the book by next year, as the subject is dear to my heart. It's the story of my maternal grandmother and her young life in Russia, and how the turmoil of the early 20th century caused her family to pull up their roots and immigrate to the United States in 1910. I wonder if I can finish it?

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I can relate. I'm a procrastinator too. Yes, you can finish it! Keep plugging along.