Thursday, March 5, 2009

New appliance day!

It was a happy day in our household! Our old Admiral fridge and stove (both 18 years old and both made in Canada, by the way) were on their last leg, even though they looked good for their age. It was time to go shopping for a brand new set, and this week Sears had a sale and double points day last Saturday. We checked out a few other stores to get the feel of what's out there. Future Shop had a special on; free delivery this week, but didn't have anything we wanted. Sears charged $60 for delivery, and $20 each to take away the old appliances. I know, we should have had BC Hydro pay us for our old fridge, but we totally forgot in our excitement.

Here are the new appliances; a General Electric fridge made in Mexico, and a Kenmore stove made who knows where. (I haven't found the sticker yet) Alas, the door on the fridge was supposed to have been switched so it opens on the opposite side but the delivery men didn't have the proper parts. We paid $25 extra for this. Someone else has to do it, and they haven't contacted us yet. The inside of the fridge is lovely; tempered glass shelves, and wide shelves for milk jugs and juice in the door. The freezer is on the bottom, as I rarely use it. This leaves more shelf room at eye level, for today's families who tend to shop for fresh items.

I used the stove tonight and it was amazing; the burners cooked the food so quickly! It's a self cleaning oven so I'm looking forward to that!
Loretta Houben


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Enjoy your new appliances!

Linda said...

Lovely, Loretta!

Anonymous said...

How nice for you Loretta!! Enjoy them... the kitchen looks great :) I agree, the frig/freezer on the bottom is what I'd like too :)

Sue ;)

Anonymous said...

Loretta how exciting. I got all new appliances about five years ago and still adore them!