Monday, March 2, 2009

Weighing in...152 lbs!

My eating plan is working. I don't even have to use my food journal anymore. I lost 8 lbs total in one month and I'm now 152 lbs. I'm feeling better and I don't get any headaches. I was getting around 1 - 2 headaches per week (not migraines) and now I'm feeling good, and I feel like I have a bit more energy. It's true what they say about eating right!

My kind hubby ordered an exercise DVD for me using a gift certificate he had, and it arrived last week. I tried it out today. It was quite intense and will be a good workout for me if I keep it up every morning. It's compiled by Mel B, one of the Spice Girls. She was on Dancing With the Stars recently, and for some reason I really like her. She designed the workout for mothers who had just had a baby, and wanted to get rid of stomach flab. Tee...hee...I figured it would be perfect for me!

You don't need anything but a mat and 2 water bottles. I wonder if I'll feel something tomorrow?

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