Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Photos from 1995 - 1997

Easter lunch at our home, March 30, 1997. (if you click on all the photos, you will really see the details well) I'm in a senitmental mood, so I'm scanning in all the Easter photos I can find. In the above photo, from left to right:
My Dad, Jack Williams; Leona; Matthew; Colin; Julie Matthews; Paul; Robert; my Mom, Susie Williams.

Matthew, age 8, with his Easter basket, which he always loved to hunt for.

Me and Matthew in our Easter best, March 30, 1997.

April 7, 1996; my parents, Susie & Jack Williams.

Easter lunch at my parent's home, April 7, 1996.

April 7, 1996; Matthew with his Easter basket. (notice his missing teeth)

April 16, 1995; Myself holding my niece, Ashley, and Matthew beside me.

Easter Sunday, April 16, 1995
Loretta Houben


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Matthew sure has grown! Old photos are so much fun. Someone is having a thing on their blog where you post old Easter photos from childhood when we dressed up with hats and gloves. You might be too young, but in the 1950's that's how we dressed. I wish I could remember the blog I saw it on.

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Here's the blog Loretta.

If anyone has an old childhood Easter photo it will be you!!

Linda said...

Time is sure flying...Matt is all grown up now!! Lovely pictures, Loretta!