Monday, April 20, 2009

Extreme ping pong!

I'm on a roll, but cheer up, this is the last of my Youtube clips for now. If you're not a family member, you won't think this is so funny. But I had a case of the extreme giggles and didn't realize Robert was taping this. In other words, you'd had to have been there...The extreme game of ping pong was played in my sister Marie's new game room, with my sister Leona on the left, James as the referee, and my mom on the right. It got quite intense!


Anonymous said...

thank you for that cheery clip, it makes me want to laugh when others laugh. i look fine. like i haven't moved, really moved for 20 years. i need to limber up, and flex. a bit of speed wouldn't hurt me. look at james just whizzing by me.

Teragram Nebuoh said...

Giggle-itis is sure fun! I caught the gigglies a bit just watching this!
Makes me think about Robert and his rutabega and badminton in Metchosin.... :)