Friday, April 3, 2009

Our 27th anniversary

Many years ago, way before I met Robert, I decided April 3rd was a lovely day to get married, I guess because I loved the month of April, and 3 is my favourite number. I confided this desire to my mom, and she looked at a perpetual calendar and informed me that I'd better hurry and find a man, as the next April 3rd to land on a Saturday was in 1982. I believe I decided on this date in 1977, so I had five years to find my Prince.

As the time narrowed, and there was only 1 1/2 years left, I began to sort of panic. My beautiful day would go past, and I wouldn't be married in it! But in the nick of time, my Prince came along, and I fell in love in March 1981. However, he was awful slow, and I thought I just might have to propose, when he popped the question on November 1st, 1981. Before he could finish talking, I told him I'd already picked the date.

He was extremely surprised, as he'd just lost his job, but I had no fears and not one care; my Prince had just proposed, and so what if we had to eat bread and butter and live in a basement suite? Nothing concerned me...I was in love and engaged!

Twenty seven years later, I still say "I do!"


Linda said...

Lovely story, Loretta! Happy anniversary!

Mimi said...

What an adorable story...sigh.

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I just spotted this post. Happy Anniversary a little late!