Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Patient Eagle Mama

I found an interesting web cam link: I'm now watching a mama eagle sitting on 2 eggs in her nest in Delta, BC. Sometimes a spider named Charlotte goes past the web cam. It's very interesting watching a mama eagle. Sometimes she flies away, but not often, and last night she was hunkered way down with her wings outspread and her head tucked under. She is so patient it amazes me. My mom told me about this link, as it was on the TV news. The eggs are supposed to hatch soon.

I peeked at the web cam again around 10 am and one eagle flew away from the nest, when the other eagle arrived, so they do take turns. I don't know which is which. One looks a bit bigger than the other. The one that returned while the other flew away, kept readjusting the twigs and grass in the nest. Maybe this one is the female!

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Thanks...I'll have to bookmark that site. I've been watching a pair of falcons on the top of a building in Jersey City, NJ each spring for a number of years. It's a lot of fun, but every year there's some kind of a disaster. One year the male must have flown into a building and his wing was badly injured. He now lives in a preserve and a new male took up residence with the female. I think it was last year that only one baby made it. Here's the link:

I'll have to remember to post it on my blog next week.