Friday, May 15, 2009

A fond memory; Sport's Day!

This photo was taken in front of our home on Monmouth Street in May 1968.
The event we're all dressed up for was the parade at Sir Wilfred Grenfell School.
I'm on the left, Leona is next to me, and Marlene is on the right.
We're proudly wearing old dresses and our Mom's hats!
Our mom decorated our doll buggies with crepe paper and
coloured Kleenex pom-poms.
(do any of you remember coloured Kleenex and coloured toilet paper?)
I don't know what Leona had in her doll buggy, but I had one of my
favourite teddy bears. He was huge!

We trudged up the street to school, and walked around the school grounds twice,
with all the parents sitting in chairs, drinking their coffee. Everyone's Moms were there, and sometimes a few Dads. Once or twice my Dad came too.
We adored Sport's Day. We each got a free ticket for a hot dog and drink,
and an ice cream bar. We ran in races and won lovely ribbons.
I couldn't run well, so I wasn't in many races, but I loved it all anyhow!
Best of all, we got to go home at noon, and it was the start of
the long weekend, as Monday was always Victoria Day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta,

That is such a sweet picture. I love how simple things were and how much we enjoyed the "little" things. It sure didn't take much for us to have a good time.