Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Day 2009

Happy Victoria Day!
As usual, I've entered my photos backwards; this one of Queen Victoria,
in Burnaby Village Museum, was supposed to be on the bottom.
I guess I'll never learn! I tried pulling the picture down, but no luck...
Hmm...Can you guess who this Mother and daughter are?
Why are they celebrating Victoria Day by working in the garden?

Delicious Victoria Day cake; we each had a free piece; it was a white cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries.
Do you recognize the flag?

A lovely Armand Marseille celuloid doll; at the New Westminster antique fair.
(alas, a little too pricey for me)

Sunday May 17; a walk by the Fraser River on a hot afternoon.

Picnicing by the Fraser River.

Happy Victoria Day!


Linda said...

I think the picture placement is perfect...The Queen at the top! Where she probably thinks is her rightful place!!!

Amy said...

Absolutely adorable Chatties!!!!!
I would have loved to join your picnic. That cake is YUMMY YUMMY looking!!
Wow!! Victoria looks great for her fun!!!

Amy said...

Heehee....I just had to stop back and tell you that the blogger word verification was "holyme". How cool is that??!