Monday, June 22, 2009

More of my birthday in California...

We got up early on June 15, ate breakfast in our hotel, using our free $100 gift card from the Sheraton Plaza, (a promo for their restaurants which were lovely) then Linda knocked on my door and gave me a lovely gift of a turquoise purse filled with goodies, including a darling Minnie Mouse apron from Disneyland! We headed down the busy LA freeway to The Grove, where American Girl store is located. With Linda navigating from the backseat, we easily found our way there, although it took 1 1/2 hours! We had a wonderful lunch and tea with 2 visiting dolls.
Here we are with our loot! What fun we had, spending our money. I spent my parent's birthday money on a lovely doll sideboard. Robert let me buy yet another doll!

Outside AG Place.

In our rent-a-car, back at the hotel.
(I turned positively green on the ride back, trying to put Emily's hairband on!)

Outside the Sheraton Plaza with our dolls.

Emily and the loot!

An appropriate sign!

On the carousel at night! It was a wonderful day!

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