Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy birthday, Mom!

My mom is 76 today! The picture above shows her on her first birthday in 1934. I don't have any earlier photos of her. Isn't she cute? All the photos in the 1930's had to be taken outside as her family didn't own a flash camera, so there is my mom, a true farmer's girl, sitting in the corn field in Amity, Oregon!
My mom and dad went with Leona to Van Dusen Gardens today. They had a great time, and I heard my mom used the new digital camera quite a bit. I think she let my dad use it a few times too. I couldn't go with as my sore throat has turned into a cough. It was quite hot today so I relaxed inside in the cool of the house.
Happy birthday, Mom! I hope you have one of the best years yet!

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