Thursday, July 2, 2009

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Our day in pictures!

Boarding our paddlewheeler, "The Native", on July 1, 2009,
Canada's 142nd birthday, and my Dad's 80th birthday.
This was our parent's treat to us!
The 3 of us.

My Dad.

Colin, Marlene, Dan.

James, Robert, and Robert, underneath the Port Mann Bridge!

Robert with Stewart Goodin, our fantastic trip narrator.

Enjoying a delicious lunch onboard!

One of the lovely houses along the Fraser River's edge.

Happy 80th, Dad!

Our new Captain!

Dad with his youngest grandson, James.

Dad with a middle grandson, Paul.

Dad and Mom, dis-embarking at Fort Langley, where we had all of half an hour to browse!

A unique sight!
(please click on all photos to get a fantastic huge view!)

A sundae on the house!

A stunning shot of the Skytrain bridge over the Fraser River.

A Captain of a different sort!


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy having you dad on board for his 80th birthday. Having lectured on history for quite some time it is nice to see pictures end up being shared. I hope to see you aging on board,
Sincerely Stewart Goodin

Anonymous said...

the bridge shot is beautiful! and i do like the captains - we know we're in good hands if we keep it in the family. well, james for sure, i'm not totally certain colin wasn't tempted to sink us all. . . thanks for the link, i love your blogs! what a great day, my vacation for the summer! -L