Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo diet Day 2

Day 2 of the Photo Diet!
3 people advised me to cut out BREAD. Wah! That is, I must cut out bread in order to lose weight, which is the whole purpose of this diet. So today I forced myself to fry a free range egg for breakfast, and I added 1 1/2 strips of free range bacon along with 2 strawberries and one cup of black tea with cream and sugar. It was actually delicious, and I didn't need a mid-morning snack.
I went to Granville Island to buy fresh fruit and veggies, and I had a raisin crumpet and a cup of black tea with cream and sugar for lunch. I ate this scrumptious thing while looking at the boats in the harbour and listening to a guy yodeling with his guitar. I can't quite cut out all starch all at once!
My batteries died after this photo so I couldn't take a picture of the sinful item I had for dessert; a waffle cone with chocolate gelatto ice-cream. Yummy.

For supper I made fresh green beans, new potatoes with butter, and salmon and spinach in phylo pastry, which I bought from the markets at Granville Island. I could cheerfully live in that place! For dessert I had a tiny piece of dark chocolate and a cup of International coffee.
Today I drank 3 tall glasses of water. I also worked in the back yard, doing hand clipping around my flower beds, and I began the task of scrubbing the vinyl siding. This will work off calories and build muscle in my upper arms!

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