Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photo Diet Day 3

Ooo...I've had eggs 2 days in a row! I couldn't get the egg down without a piece of bread, but it was the only piece I had today.
For lunch, we packed our little cooler and went to Ft. Langley for a picnic. It was a HOT day and the mosquitoes were out in full force. I had a croissant with tuna fish and lettuce, some grapes, some raisins, some Pocky sticks, and half an apple juice (couldn't drink it all).
(Matthew and Leona thought I'd bought the croissant sandwich in a deli; I made it at home)

For supper; half a corn on the cob, grilled chicken, red pepper, and zucchini on a stick, and 4 pastas with a red tomato sauce. (made fresh at Granville Island)
PS: Matthew just looked at the photos, and said, "Mom, are you making your food layout look pretty for the blog? You don't always eat this way, do you?"
Wow, what a compliment! I do always eat this way; I believe that food should look good, as well as taste good. The plates I used today, even for the picnic, are by Corale, and are 5 years old. They hold up well in the dishwasher!
Matthew joined us for dinner tonight. We had a small piece of Purdy's chocolate each for dessert. Usually I buy something special for dessert when Matthew comes over, but I never thought about it for tonight, so I'm improving already!
Later in the evening I had a cup of black tea with cream and sugar, and a small amount of yogurt. I think I did well today, except for the croissant and the pasta...However, if you eat 1200 - 1500 calories per day, you are doing great.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Go Loretta Go!
It is such a hard battle with diets. I am an insulin diabetic, and I take 5 shots a day, plus other diabetic meds. I so wish I could get this weight off, but the insulin is constantly battling back at me. I am really proud of you. Keep going. You do not want to end up a diabetic taking shots for the rest of your life and battling diabetes. Your food looked absolutely gorgeous. Great post and job well done. Country Hugs, Sherry

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Good for you Loretta! I've taken a vacation from blogging due to lack of time. Hopefully, when I get this house in better shape I'll get back.

I couldn't find your Dad's birthday post. I found Father's Day and it was very nice. What category is your Dad's birthday under?