Monday, August 17, 2009

Canada Line opens today!

What an exciting day! The new Canada Line from downtown Vancouver to the Vancouver airport in Richmond, opened today.
Leona ventured forth with me. We boarded at 1:00 sharp; opening time to the general public.
We'd gone to Waterfront Station and the line was in the hot sun outside, so we followed the advice of someone ahead of us, who said there was no line at Vancouver City Centre.
When we got there, there were only 20 people ahead of us, and we were in shade most of the one hour wait. We got passports and 3 stamps at other stations; we did NOT get off at any stations except YVR and Waterfront on our return trip.

The above photo shows the Vancouver City Centre station, right outside Sears.

The stations are works of art; bright and beautiful!

This is the YVR station at the airport.

Here I am. We got free ice cream and a free vitamin water drink here.

Afterwards we stopped at Tim Horton's and had tea and a delicious blueberry donut. It was an adventure!


Linda said...

Well you were a brave soul! I will venture forth after the crowds die down I think. I like the airport so would like to visit that way. We went to the wading pool...which was nice and uncrowded....


Anonymous said...

yes, lori is brave, and after she DRAGS me with her, i do have fun! the funniest part was after the long ride underground, when we arose to the sun, everyone in the train said 'oooohh' like they'd been in the dark for months. i loved the airport, loretta bought me coffee and croisant and i fought back the tears when the other people the lucky ones wheeled their suitcases past to board. the artwork was amazing i love the colours of blue and green. thanks lorett

peppermint said...

What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Hugs and Glitter,

Jacqueline said...

Hello new friend...thank you for coming to see me at my Once Upon a Fairyland blog. I am your neighbor, down in Bellingham! I finally found some friends who remember The Friendly Giant. Did you ever watch Wanda Wanda...I can still sing the song...I am a doll collector too and I will be featuring many of them in Sept. Blessings to you!