Saturday, August 15, 2009

Profile Views

I just noticed that I have had 1,000 profile views on my blog. Cool!
Sometimes days go by and I forget about my blog.
I've figured out that at this time in my life (I'm 49) I have ADD. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it stands for Attention Deficit Disorder!
I can't seem to retain a thought for long. I'm sure it's due to my time of life. The winding down of my system. It's driving me insane but I must learn how to live with it.
I find that writing lists really works, and is helpful. I have lists in the bathroom, living room, office and kitchen. If I don't lose the lists, all is well.
The above picture was taken by my Mom on her birthday, July 15th. That's my Dad with Leona in the background, at Van Dusen Gardens.


Linda said...

Gee...I am going to have to talk to you like I do to Little J soon..Focus...focus...focus...haha...isn't age grand? Your Dad and Leona are looking especially chipper in this photo!

peppermint said...

No worries on those lists! They keep us focused and on track. I don't think its so much that we can't remember,it's just that we have brain overload! And if you put some things down on paper that can free up your mind some. Just enjoy every part of your life and every season. It's all good!
Hugs, Patti