Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last day at the PNE 2009

I had meant to blog more often about the PNE. I have good plans but they never seem to evolve! Robert and I had such fun at the PNE this year. It was fantastic.
In the past, I never really liked the PNE all that much, but this year, its 99th anniversary, they had great concerts at 8 pm, and a wonderful fireworks display and show each evening at 10:15 pm. Robert went to the fireworks show six times! I went four.
The picture above shows the PNE in 1920; please click on all photos for a great closeup.
One of the lovely live shows was Celtic Legends, an Irish dance group, with live fiddle music accompanying their dancing. I saw this show 4 times!

The PNE home was lovely this year, as always. I went through it 3 times.
This was my favourite room. I love the colours and the window seat cushion.

I also loved visiting the barn. Here are the baby ducks.

These are my Dad's favourite horses. We saw a show performed by them last Wednesday. My parents and my sister Leona and I went to the PNE together. Robert came too.

Do you know who this is? If you watch CTV news each evening, you'll know that's our weather girl, Tamara Taggert. Recently she was on the Regis and Kelly show in NYC! She was making "Wiggle Chips" yesterday, while forcasting the weather. I rashly bought a $5.00 plate made by her. She smiled nicely for me; she is always smiling!

Here's my hubby smiling over his excellent rib dinner. He finally found a meal worth $10 at the PNE!

Part of the horse show on the last night of the PNE.

Our night ended with a bang, after the fireworks show. We were seated on our PNE Express bus, and heading out of the driveway of the PNE, when BANG. There was a terrible crunching sound. I thought we'd hit a parked car! Someone had left a fence open, and it went THROUGH the front of the bus, just missing someone in a wheelchair.
Usually the bus is jam packed. If it would have been, many people would have been injured.

I had a bad migraine, so we didn't linger. I took these pictures, and then we caught a taxi home. It was a PNE I'll always remember!


Jacqueline said...

I've told this story over and over...when I was 10 yrs old we went up to the PNE from Bellingham and dad wanted to take me on the big roller coaster. He laughed so hard when we were going up and down his false teeth flew out and hit the floor. They proceeded to travel to the front and back of the cart until we got off and they landed right back by his shoe! Smiling from Bellingham, glad you had fun! Ever come down to the Lynden Fair? Good night to my new Chatty Cathy friend. I'm bloggin' on dolls this month...come take a peek!

Jacqueline said...

Good Wednesday morning. The Fable Cottage is located on the right side bar (my dream home). My parents visited there long ago and I just saw on "You Tube" the story of it and how it's moved to Denman now but a private owner? Have you been there? The home in Washington that I showed in my post is located in Olalla, Washington. Have a care free day...raindrops may fall on our heads.

peppermint said...

Wow! It looks like you had quite a full day from beginning to end! Great pictures!
Come by for a visit sometime!
Hugs and glitter,

Marlene said...

Re PNE house - wall colour looks familiar! Looks like silver sage, the colour I painted 3540.