Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I love patterns. The number nine doesn't mean much to me, but number 3 is my favourite number, and 9 has 3 three's, so I guess 9 is good! I have enjoyed the 2000's. I never was one to believe that the world was coming to an end after 1999, and I did hate the thought of saying "two thousand and..." but you get used to anything, even hanging after the first 10 minutes. (as my father in law is so fond of saying)
The gladiolas are ones given to my mom from my dad and my sister, Leona. We thought it was neat that the colour of the 2 bunches matched exactly! My parents celebrated their 54th anniversary on Sept 3rd. I was going to post on that day, but I had a migraine.
PS: This is my 250th post!

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Linda said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Tell you Mom and Dad Happy Anniversary and that Harrison has a seniors package running right now...