Friday, October 30, 2009

The 2010 torch relay has begun!

(Photo above: 2010 Olympic winter mittens, sold at The Bay downtown)
Are you an Olympics fan? I'm un-decided!
Do you know that the 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Whistler BC next February?
The torch relay began in Victoria this morning. I actually watched it on CTV, as I
was curious to see how it arrived, and how it would be lit.
It was very interesting.
The first two torch bearers, Catriona le May Doan, and Simon Whitfield, carried the first part of the flame. The flame is carried 300 metres, then passed to the next torch bearer.
I don't dare copy any pictures from the official 2010 Olympic site, so you'll
have to go and check them out yourself!
I went downtown today, in order to visit the large Olympic superstore, located on the main
floor of The Bay. I bought one pair of red mittens, size Medium; very difficult to find.
For some reason, there are hundreds of size Small and X-Large, but hardly any mediums.
Who would think that we all have medium size hands?
I asked the clerk how many mittens were made, and she said one million will be produced.
So if you want a pair, you'd better hurry!
They are only $10.00.
When I bought these, I was also given a free Olympic bag.

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I can't wait for the Winter Olympics. I actually prefer it over the Summer games. I had forgotten it's in Canada in 2010.