Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Writing Wednesday: A Halloween Story

I'd nearly forgotten all about Writing Wednesday.
Underneath it all, though, I still love to write. I find myself writing more and more online.
Ever since I was 10 years old, I've kept a journal. This year's journal is pathetic.
Each year for Halloween, I love to hand out treats to the neighbourhood kids, even though I don't know a single one of them. For a few years I've been writing stories to hand out with the candy. Yesterday I sat down, and I wrote a new story.
Here is the beginning part:
It was Halloween night. A full moon lit the pathway, and a cold breeze rattled the last of the leaves from the trees.
“Hurry up, Marie!” yelled Matthew. “We’re going to be late!”
Marie grabbed her mask, and hurried after her brother.
“Let’s take the shortcut, past the graveyard,” she said. “It will seem spookier!”
The gravestones gleamed in the moonlight.
“What was that?” whispered Marie.
“I didn’t see anything,” replied Matthew. “Over there, behind the tree. I saw a large shape moving. Could it be a ghost?”
They both stopped and peered over the fence. Someone or something was in there, and suddenly there was a thudding sound.

I wrote the story in half an hour. I simply sat down at my computer, stared at the screen, and began with the sentence, "It was Halloween night." The story has to be very short. I make 2 columns on one page, and fill up one column with the entire story, then copy and paste in the second column, and print out 30 copies. (60 stories total)
If you'd like to hear the rest of the story, please email me. I don't want to put the whole thing here, in case someone steals it and makes a large profit from it. Tee...hee...


Jacqueline said...

Yes, oh yes...the story must continue. Have you ever popped over to a blog I share with a couple of other writers called Nowhere? You may very well love it indeed!

peppermint said...

That's a really cool idea to write a story and hand out to kids on Halloween night. I saw you last post of the Halloween doll swap. The outfit is so cute! I can see why you were so excited about it!