Sunday, November 22, 2009

Handmade Christmas cards

Here is a card I finished today. Tee...hee...I began it in August, in the blazing heat wave we had.
I made this while at Bernice's trailer home in Gibsons. Bernice kindly invited me to spend a night at her place, and I wound up staying 2 nights as it was so relaxing there.
She is a very kind hostess. We had such fun.
I made over 10 cards while there. I was on a roll.
Margaret didn't come down this year for card making, so these cards are all I've made so far.
I added the cute mitten and hat embellishments (from the $ store), and the stamped greeting.
This is a simple card to make.

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Linda said...

That is very cute! Dakotah is really excitted about coming to make cards at your house! I love your winter header picture also!