Monday, November 23, 2009

A wonderful surprise for Bleuette!

Yvette Marie owns quite a few dresses now, all sewn by myself.
However today she received a package in the mail just for her.
I had purchased a Grab Bag with 3 un-seen dresses made by a talented seamstress
by the name of Pat Neff. She mostly sews all the dresses by hand.
Here they are, and it was a great price for all 3!
I had purchased this darling little handmade desk a few months ago.
My Bleuette friends have fantastic sales; this was only $10.
I had started a school smock for Yvette Marie, but haven't sewn the snaps on yet.
I absolutely dislike sewing on snaps...
I cleaned off the top shelf on Matthew's desk which he didn't want.
I arranged Yvette Marie's furniture on it, and it looks quite nice.
This is a temporary arrangement until I can figure out what to do next about a house for Yvette Marie.

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