Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This and That...and a new doll

Do you recognize this doll? She is Elsie Dinsmore, from the now extinct Life of Faith Dolls. She is beautiful in person. Do I need another doll? Hmmm...that's a good question. I think I need a bigger house, or else I need to re-organize the one I have. I'm not good with organization of furniture. I need help! I'm trying to re-organize my bedroom so that there aren't so many dolls standing or laying about. I'm setting up a Christmas scene on my window seat. This is a large, long place perfect for setting up dolls and their accessories. In the summer the A/C unit was in the way, and the window seat became piled up higgledy piggledy. Last week I cleaned it off, and vacuumed the dusty blinds. It's quite a chore! I do it twice per year, but it probably should be done each month.

Back to Elsie Dinsmore. The Life of Faith dolls were designed for wholesome Christian values, and the books by Martha Finlay were also available from them. I'm not sure how long the company, Mission Press, was in business but they are no longer producing the lovely dolls. I have one of their catalogues from 2006. Fortunately I'm a pack rat, and keep dolly magazines! The pictures in this catalogue are lovely. I would love to collect all the outfits, maybe from eBay. Right now my dolly funds are depleted.

When I was a young girl, I drew my own Elsie Dinsmore paper doll. When I find it, I'll scan it in, and put it here on my blog. That's another thing I have to organize...my paper piles!

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