Sunday, November 15, 2009

The weather is frightful!

...but inside it's quite delightful!
I set up my dolly's Christmas tree the other day.
It's just too dark outside; it got dark at 3:30 pm today.
There's nothing like the glow of Christmas lights to spread some cheer!
This is the tiny little train (it really runs) and village that I bought
at the PNE in August. It was only $20 for the set. Do you see the little
houses underneath the tree? I put a light in each house through the base, using
a string of white lights from the little tree.
The set included the trees and tiny people too. The little house in the middle
of the tracks wasn't included; it's a Thomas Kincaid house from Carleton Cards,
and it has a battery inside.

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Jacqueline said...

I totally understand the weather. I got caught in Lynden on Friday night in that terrible terrible storm. I was so scared, trying to drive home with my three little dogs in the car, no snow tires and sleet, wind, thunder, snow and rain and even lightening coming...Your little room proves to be the respite we all need.