Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mozart's Requiem

Mozart; painting by Christian Vogel, 1789
Last evening we went to the 4th concert in our series at the Orpheum. It was Mozart's Requiem, sung by fascinating soloists and the Vancouver Chamber Choir. I had shivers and goosebumps all through it. I have heard bits and pieces of the Requiem, but not the whole piece which is one hour long. It was so beautiful I couldn't relax. I had to follow the English translation, as I cannot understand Latin. I think Latin is a lovely language.
I had to go out and buy the CD today, which fortunately I found at the HMV store in Metrotown. I'm listening to it right now, as I type this post. Can you believe I actually bought a CD and am listening to it? I can't.
Here are some of the beautiful words in English:
"The trumpet sending its wonderful sound through the tombs of all lands, shall drive all to the Throne. Death and nature shall be astounded when the creature shall rise again to answer to the Judge. A written book shall be brought forth, in which shall be contained all by which the world shall be judged.
And therefore, when the Judge shall sit, whatsoever is hidden shall be manifest, and naught shall remain unavenged. Whatl shall I say in misery? Whom shall I ask to be my advocate, when scarcely the just may be without fear."
Those words are from the part called Tuba mirum.
The next part, Res tremendae, is my favourite part: "King of awful majesty, who freely savest the redeemed, save me, O font of mercy."
"Remember, merciful Jesus, that I am the cause of your journey, lest Thou lose me on that day." These words are my favourite in the whole composition.
What a wonderful, majestic and beautiful soul stirring piece of music! Mozart was a genius.

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Jacqueline said...

I can hear the notes dancing across your blog page. These times add so much to our lives. Blessings from Bellingham!