Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 5th day of Christmas

Matthew spent the night on Christmas Eve, just like old times!
I still miss that boy, especially when I discover things like the above.
(do you see the Purdy's chocolate bell where the chicken should be?
So where is the chicken?)
The first person to reply to this post, letting me know where the chicken is, will receive a small gift in the mail. That way I'll know who reads these posts and is observant too.
Here is our dining area on Christmas morning.
I love my kitchen; it's always full of morning light as it faces East.
This photo is proof that we had a glorious Christmas Day.
Marie gave me the lovely plant centerpiece.
Another of my nativity scenes.
by Loretta Houben


Linda said...

Good ole Matthew! Chicken is in the Purdy's box...of course!!

Jacqueline said...

Linda beat me to it...I see that chicken in the box too...she beat me to the chicken yard..darn! Come on over and visit me sometime, I miss hearing your chatter on my blog! Christmas time was so wonderful...the sunshine was soooo...awesome eh?