Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 6th day of Christmas

Do you remember learning how to read?
I was 6 years old, in Grade One at Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary school, and these scanned pictures are from one of my favourite readers; "Off to School".
I loved the Christmas story with Janet, John and Anne, and Buttons and Lucky.
I decided to share some of the pictures here in my blog.
I especially loved the picture above; Leona and I always wished we had an upstairs in our house!

Even the pets had their own stocking.
We do the same!
I've always loved a happy family!
I hope you're having a great Christmas week with your families!
by Loretta Houben

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Jacqueline said...

I smiled when you said you always wanted an upstairs... I did too! I thought a split level home was just the neatest thing in those days...YES, I still want the calender. Thanks for holding tight to it. Lynden is a great idea! I have Sunday and Mondays off!