Monday, December 7, 2009

A Christmas memory...25 years ago!

I will randomly go through my photos each day, or when I have time, and post a Christmas photo from years past.
This was taken in December 1984.
Robert is in the middle of the picture; I'm to the left of him.
My parents are in the back on the left, my mother in law, Ruth, is beside them, with Margaret on the right. Margaret is leaning on Dan, with Leona in front of him, and my father in law, Tony, to the right of her.
Marlene is in the front row middle, with Marie to the left.
Behind Marie is Dora, holding her daughter Ruthie.
I can't believe this was 25 years ago! Everyone had come over for a Christmas Tea after the program at church. I remember feeling completely exhuasted afterwards! We lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment on 7th Street in New Westminster.
What happy memories!

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