Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy St Nicholas Day!

My husband is Dutch, as most of you know.
He was born here in Canada, but his parents immigrated from Holland in the 1950's.
I can't remember when we decided to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, but I believe it was in 2001.
For a walk down memory lane, please see all the photos below.
I forgot to take a picture of our wooden shoes today.
We set them out on the kitchen table the night before.
Mine had a large box of Purdy's snowball chocolates.
Robert's had a Christmas CD.
Yesterday we visited the new Holland Shop at 141 E Columbia St in
New Westminster. We bought the goodies above.
Black Peter (the chocolate dude to the right of St Nicholas) is new to us.
I'm not sure who or what Black Peter is, but we saw a few of them at the new store, (children painted black!) and we also saw Sinterklaas, with his bishop hat.
Did I ever say I wished I lived in Europe?
Matthew and Kelsie. Matthew was 12.

The last photo of Matthew at home on St. Nicholas Day.
Did I say how much I still miss him?

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