Friday, December 4, 2009

My 300th Post and a Blog Giveaway!!!!

Welcome to my 300th post!
In celebration of this occasion, I will be having a Blog Giveaway.
I haven't done that since my 100th post.
I will be choosing something special; a total surprise.
I'll update this blog once I figure out what the gift will be.
To enter the draw, you simply leave a comment with your name and email.
I'll enter the names in a draw which will take place on
December 13th, St. Lucia Day.

The pictures above and below were taken yesterday, at my very first card making session.
My Mom, my friend Linda, and her sweet grand child, Dakotah, came over at 1:00.
Here they are, hard at work:
Here we are enjoying Christmas tea together, using my Royal Albert Poinsettia design china.
Dakotah had around 8 cups of tea!
She must have British blood in her veins.
It was the funniest and strangest thing.
Linda's swap gift arrived before she left her house, so she brought it along to share.
When she went out to the car for something later, a large box was on my
door step! The mailman hadn't rung the door bell.
It was my swap gift from Betty!
She wrapped everything so prettily, with lots of golden tinsel!
Here is the goody part of the box: a stunningly gorgeous dress by Gloria's Goodies
on eBay. I knew it would look the best on my childhood Chatty.
I was glad I'd picked her from the group upstairs!

Here are the girls in their Christmas finery.
If you click on each photo, you will be able to see all the details.
Linda's swap gift was from Jean, and her dress was made by "Auntie P" on eBay.
What would we do without eBay to shop on?
We had a lovely time! It really feels like Christmas now.
It was supposed to snow last night, but it passed us by.
I cannot express my relief...


Anonymous said...

The funniest thing you said was 'you can't imagine my relief that the snow passed us by'
Oh, your dolls are cute and all, and the blog page is amazing - detailed and beautiful, but that's all just a background for your funny quotes!!! Keep it up sister!

(and I do mean SISTER)
-Merry Christmas from Leona

Wanda said...

Loretta. I read your blog quite often! I love the great job you do on it and I love reading it. Keep up the very interesting work you do on here. It is great and so nice to see what you and your girls are up to.

Sandy Wheeler said...

Your Christmas dolls are really cute, love the green dress.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I want to make Christmas Dresses now! Oh and I have a doggie that looks just like the one in your pic. She's a rat terrier mix!

Anonymous said...

I just love your pictures Loretta, and that one with your mom and Dakotah..her smile is so cute, and it says..hey I am here having fun, lol. She just looks so happy..and mom too

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry look quite happy too...but D's smile is the best.

Brenda said...

Loretta, I always love to see your pictures! Your dolls are very pretty in their Christmas dresses. Love seeing Linda, Dakota and your mom gathered around the table. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Brenda Wollner

Betty said...

Loretta, I am so very happy that you love your swap gifts. I am so excited to see all the pictures. How wonderful that you and Linda were able to enjoy the day together.
I love your blog Loretta. It is wonderful and all your photographs are beautiful and always full of fun.

Merry Christmas and hugs from your secret swap pal


cpullum said...

Just found your blog! I love making cards! I just started doing it this year! I find alot of my supplies at thrift stores!

grandoll said...

wow your blog is great looking and so is your family I wish I could be there with you. keep up the good work and pictures they remind me of when Mom and I did Christmas together when she lived near by. I surely do miss her but I have the memories of our times and do get to see her time to time. Merry Christmas may the New Year be bright. Suz( grandoll)

Linda said...

I recognize that little face in the top picture! I must remember and show her Monday,she will be thrilled I think. And Leona...if you are looking...that "S" word is the worst four letter word there is although I know you don't agree!!

Anonymous said...

Love your Snow Chatties. I love to make cards also and just finished mine for Chtistmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Purvail said...

Love the blog --card making is fun--I have a tub full of rubber stamps that we have used many times. I also like using material and paper napkins designs for making cards.
Love the dolls..the great-granddaughter is still to young to know what a doll is . Yours are truly beautiful.
looks like you all are having a great time . have a great weekend

peppermint said...

Oh what a fun day! And the dress looks so cute on your dolls! Please enter my name in your giveaway! Stop by and let me share a Christmas memory with you!

Jacqueline said...

Enter Jacqueline pretty please with Christmas on top to the give away. You already have my email. It's chilly down yonder...yeah for blue skies and sun even if Jack Frost made his rounds. Blessings on this Sunday. If you do come down to the States this month, and you have time to meet, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Loretta, Your blog and pictures and delightful. Love the Christmas dolls. Looks like everyone had fun at the tea party. Saundra in Cincinnati

Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit Pink Saturday, Loretta. Please let me know if you ever decide to participate again.

And, thank your for this generous opportunity to win.