Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas sketches from the past

Leona, my sister who is 2 years younger than I, loved to draw Christmas scenes.
Recently I scanned these in, and decided to share with you.
Leona always said she must be half Catholic, as she adored Mary.
(Well, if you think about it, Mary should be adored, but not worshipped.
Only Jesus Christ deserves that honour.)
Anyhow, each Christmas Leona and I would go into a frenzy drawing pictures of the first Christmas. We loved to copy our Mom's Christmas cards. In 1968 there seemed to be more Nativity scenes on Christmas cards then there are now.
Here is Leona's rendition of Christmas at home.
Notice Mrs. Williams cooking at the stove.
Notice Mr. Williams with a bird in his hand. (we always had a pet budgie)
Notice the mysterious set of stairs to the left. We didn't have stairs except down to the damp, cold basement, but Leona and I always wished we could have an "upstairs"!
Leona's artistic glimpse of the heavenly choir.
Aren't these pictures darling?
Truly I'm glad we grew up in the 1960's without a TV or a computer.
Our imaginations were honed and perfected without the aid of machines.

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