Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I WON a new doll for Christmas!

Do you like to enter contests? I sure do!
Since I met Linda, my doll collecting buddy, I've entered more contests than I've ever done in the past! The Internet is a glorious place to find these contests. The Internet has opened up a whole new world for us. Tee...hee...
Back in November, Linda sent me a link to where a contest was listed.
I submitted my paragraph of why I enjoyed being a Canadian.
A few weeks later, Jen, the author of the site, emailed and said I'd been one of five winners!
I had my choice of a Maplelea Canadian Doll!
I picked Jenna, because she has red hair and green eyes and is from Nova Scotia, and has an Anne of Green Gables outfit which I plan to purchase really soon.
Jenna arrived today! I was so surprised, as even though I knew I won, I didn't think I'd really get the lovely doll in the mail. She is worth $100! Isn't she CUTE?
She comes with the cutest journal.
There are quite a few pages of the journal in which Jenna tells about herself and her town.
Then there are pages for you to tell your story. I would have loved this when I was 10 years old, as that's when I began writing a journal.
Here is a comparison of Samantha (American Girl doll), Jenna (Maplelea Girl doll),
and Elsie Dinsmore (Life of Faith doll).
They all have a soft cloth body and vinyl limbs.
Jenna's hair is very pretty.
Here's a close up of their faces. Jenna doesn't photograph well; but she is so cute in person.
I'm sooo happy I won a doll!
Thank you for directing me to the contest, Linda!


Ally said...

Wow! I never win anything. Congrats!

Linda said...

Wait till Dakotah sees the picture...she will be so jealous!! She thinks an entry means you to be 5 again and have their faith... Congratulations on the prize, if she didn't win, I am glad you did, at least now we can see one up close!! I will let you know if I find any more neat contests.

Write 2 The Point said...

What an awesome doll! you are like the luckiest person in the world! congratulations