Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nostalgia...Christmas Eve 1979

I'm in a nostalgic mood.
I was reading my diary from 1979, which caused me to hunt for the photo album with these pictures, which were taken with my first camera.
I don't even remember what brand it was!
I was pleased to have my own camera, and I had the film developed at a drugstore across from Harvey's store on Kingsway, near Earles Street.
Here I am wearing a dress I sewed out of a sheer pink fabric.
I was 19 years old.
Each Christmas I would sew a dress, and I believe Leona did too.
It's difficult to realize that these photos are 30 years old.
By reading my diary, the memories become so fresh and clear in my mind.
I'm so glad I kept a diary. Some of the entries are hilarious.
Leona (age 17), Marie (age 9), and Marlene (age 14)
Marie. Can't you feel the excitement of Christmas Eve?
Dad (age 50) with the wallet I gave him.
I'd had my job at Canarim Investment Corporation for one year, and I was so excited to buy everyone a nice gift this Christmas.
Mom (age 46) with a teapot I gave her.
(later she exchanged it for another style)
Christmas morning. We were never to old to have stockings!
We keep the tradition to this day!
If you click on each photo, you will see it larger.
Excerpt from my diary:
"From Mom & Dad I received: 3 beautiful handkerchiefs, a very thick Webster's dictionary, a neat book called "My Collected Recipes", a pretty embroidered "Hot Rolls" cover, a beautiful volume of poems, prayers and quotations, entitled "The Treasure Chest", another fascinating book "Queen Victoria's Sketchbook", 2 pillow cases, the sweetest little compact case with 3 different perfumes in it, and a beautiful cup and saucer with a matching sandwich tray from the Royal Albert Christmas Poinsettia design.
In my stocking I got all sorts of chocolates from Purdy's, and the sweetest stuffed toy owl. He will sit on my bed. I also got the cutest soaps from Avon. They are molded in the forms of 2 carollers; a boy and a girl."

I see some things never change. I always maintain that it isn't Christmas unless you get a book or two!

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Hi Loretta! I'm still around...just very, very busy these days. Enjoyed your pictures. Do you still write in a diary?