Sunday, December 13, 2009

St. Lucia Day...winner of the 300th blog post giveaway!

Kirsten, my new Swedish girl, is dressed in her St. Lucia costume, which I made using Kirsten's nightgown pattern from the AG pattern set, now discontinued.
I used a piece of fabric left over from the days when I used to sew dresses for my niece, Ashley.
It turned out really cute.
Anyhow, here is Kirsten, ready to pull the name for the PRIZE I promised for my 300th blog post on December 4th.
If you click on the photo, you can read the name which my hubby actually drew, so there would be no favouritism!
BRENDA WOLLNER, you are the grand prize winner!
The prize was a doll calendar, but you already have one,
so I'll raid my cupboards and see what I can give instead.
Congratulations to you!
Thanks to all who left a comment; I enjoy them so much!


Diane C B Jones said...

Hi Loretta! You have a giveaway?? Good for you! I haven't looked in on your blog for a while, and neither have I seen you for AGES! We missed you at the writing critique meeting at Ken's yesterday.

Linda said...

Kirsten looks adorable!


Brenda said...

Loretta, I just finished looking through your pictures and reading your posts. I am thrilled that I won your contest! You are one of my favorite photographers and you are so enthusiastic about your dolls. Thank you again! Hugs, Brenda

Jacqueline said...

Yippeeee...she's one lucky gal. I'm having my first give away in Jan. and it's called "Queens in Training". I'm going with the grab bag concept...Grab it and be surprised. I think I've decided to do theme give aways. They'll be fun for me to put together. This blogging world is so much fun! Come visit me sometime!