Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas swap gift

This is the little dress and bonnet I made for my swap partner, Kathy, in one of my
doll groups online.
It's mint green satin, with a petticoat overlay and a gold snowflake trim.
The bonnet was interesting to make, as it's lined.
I thought the dress turned out quite pretty.
It's the first time I've made a dress for neglected Chatty Cathy baby!
Linda found the gold star buttons for me.
If you click on the photos, you can really see the details well.


Jacqueline said...

I have been away from reading blogs for almost the whole week while work piled and piled and piled on my head. Way too much is expected of us wee little folk from these big corporations! Now, on to the merryment of your dolly dress. How charming is that! I loved all your baking and the doll your mama gave you too...I read back to catch up. I'm making gingerbread tonight and walking the dogs to see the neighborhood lights...happy it warmed up a little. Toes are not so chilly's been cold though..Jack Frost nipping at our nose for sure!

Ally said...

I love your dolls. How pretty. Isn't it funny how your old holiday photos show tinsel on the tree. Remember tinsel? Do they even sell that anymore? It was so pretty, but what a mess :)