Sunday, January 24, 2010

A lovely evening

I was expecting to spend the evening quietly at home on Saturday night.
Lo and behold, Leona invited me over to our parent's home; she had prepared the delicious supper of salad, rolls, and Alfredo chicken lasagna, a recipe she made up. Yummy!
It was delicious.
I roamed around the house, taking many pictures of things which caught my eye.
I love this photo of my parents in June 1955, taken a few days before Rita and Herb Braun's wedding. They are at the Oregon coast for a picnic lunch.
Here is my Dad's collection of Japanese dolls, from the 1950's.
He loves these so much he won't give them to me!
Japanese sailors from the ships he visited gave them to him for souvenirs.
Aren't they darling?

Zoe came along for the night out. She found many things to play with at Grandmere's home!

Isn't this darling?
I love my Mom's dolls.

Circa 1936, with the brand new family pick up truck, on the old homestead in Amity, OR.
My Mom, age 3, is on the left; Frieda, age 11 is on the right.

Myself on the left; Leona on the right. Aren't we cute?
Circa 1965.
And here we are in 2010, but not quite as cute.
Leona on the left; myself on the right, trying to finish a Teal Challenge item for the latest BSC January project. We had a lot of fun together. Leona is trying her best to complete a tricky puzzle. Robert was at a Scouting activity.

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Linda said...

I love the 1965 photo of you and both were so darned cute!! I saw Zoe behind the Japanese dolls and wondered when you said your dad's collection as Zoe doesn't look very Japanese to me. Don't tell Yvette but I think Zoe is so darned cute!!