Monday, January 11, 2010

Memory Monday

I've plunged into my New Year's project.
I feel great about it! This is the one that doesn't involve weight loss.
I plan to somehow finish my children's middle grade novel this year, in time for our Family Celebrations for the 100th exodus of the Brutke/Gusa families from Russia (now Ukraine) in 1910. If I have a Goal, my desire to finish a project always materializes.
The photo above shows one of my prized possessions. Grandma Helen Brutke made this apron for my Mom, and she gave it to me when I was 14. At that time, I adored wearing aprons. I actually used this to peel the potatoes each night for supper (we were a potato and meat family) and because Leona was allergic to the juice of the potatoes the job fell to me.
The apron is very well sewn and in fantastic condition.
Grandma Helen was a marvelous seamstress. My Mom told me she never used pins when cutting out a pattern; she would hold down the fabric with salt and pepper shakers!
She also made up her own patterns. I also have some of the dresses she made for my Mom.
She used a White treadle sewing machine, and sewed in her bedroom. One of my cousins has the machine now. How I wish I could inherit it!
Grandma Helen would often sew a new dress for my Mom, and when she wore it to church, her best friend, Rita, would be quite jealous! My Mom was the baby of the family, the 8th one, born a happy surprise, so she was more spoiled than the rest.
My Mom on the other hand dislikes sewing.
However, she made this quilt for me, with hand embroidery.
I just love it!

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Ally said...

I love that apron. It's so timeless and pretty.

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