Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Goals

I've kept a journal/diary for nearly 40 years. I've always enjoyed writing down my innermost thoughts. Each New Year's I've also outlined a set of Goals for the Year.
The New Year is always in capital letters for me, as are the Goals.
My Goals for this year are to lose 30 lbs, and to finish my novel.
My favourite preacher of all time is Charles Swindoll. I get his email updates each morning; a great way to start my computer day!
Here is a portion from today's email, taken from his book
"Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life".

"Remember those familiar words from Colossians 3? Twice we read, "Whatever you do...whatever you do..." It's almost as if the Lord is saying, "Makes no difference what it is, whatever you do..." But then He immediately addresses things that have to do with being. Like being thankful, being considerate, being obedient, being sincere, being diligent. Same pattern--God emphasizes being more than doing.
So then, are you giving thought these days to things that count? Goal-setting and achieving are important, especially if we are in need of being motivated. Moving in the right direction is a great way to break the mold of mediocrity. It's helpful to ask, "What do I want to do?"
But while you're at it, take a deeper look inside. Ask yourself the harder question, "What do I want to be?" Then listen to your heart...your inner spirit. True treasures will emerge. Pick one or two to start with. Don't tell anybody, just concentrate some time and attention on that particular target. Watch God work. It will amaze you how He arranges circumstances so that the very target you and He decided on will begin to take shape within you. Sometimes it will be painful; other times, sheer joy. It won't happen overnight, but that's a major difference between doing and being. One may take only twenty years; the other, the better part of your lifetime."
Quite profound words to remember in 2010!

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Teragram Nebuoh said...

Lovely old pics Loretta! I really enjoy looking at them. And I'm delighted you found the button shop again. Do they still have a box of odd buttons to rummage through?