Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Jubilee Year

Every time I write 2010 I stare at it. It looks so odd! When I was a young girl, the future until 40 seemed like a huge hill to climb. I could see it in my mind's eye. I knew that when I reached 18 I would be very wise and know everything. I couldn't figure out what the years from 18 -40 were for! Time has passed, and this year I will be 50. I'm trying my best not to freak out about it. But now a new hill stretches before me...the hill up to 100!
Here as usual are some wise words from Pastor Chuck Swindoll:
"We mark our calendars with deadlines---dates that set limits for the completion of objectives and projects. To ignore those deadlines brings consequences. To live without deadlines is to live an inefficient, unorganized life, drifting with the breeze of impulse on the fickle wave of moods. We set deadlines because they help us accomplish the essentials....they discipline our use of time...they measure the length of our leash on the clothesline of demands.
God, however, brings about birthdays...not as deadlines, but lifelines. He builds them into our calendar once every year to enable us to make an annual appraisal, not only of our length of life, but our depth."


Ally said...

I agree 2010 seems so odd. I can't believe how long ago 1983 was, when I go through my journals. It doesn't seem that far away, yet is. Fifty is the new 30 though :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh how I love that! My birthday is next week and I'll be 51...lifelines...a very good thought. 50 felt like a pot hole in life to me. It was a hard year in my career mainly and dealing with the fact I could not (and still can't) believe I'm even 50. 51 feels more lighter and carefree! I'm practicing extreme self-care this year!