Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alexandre Bilodeau won the 1st Olympic Gold Medal!

Photo from CTV website.
Wow, what a moment! Alexandre Bilodeau from Quebec won the first gold medal for Canada on Canadian soil. Whew. Now we can no longer be laughed at. I'm sure you all have heard about him by now! He did a wonderful mogul race tonight on Cypress Mountain, on top of the hay bales and imported snow. worked, except the place where the people were standing to watch the races and events is now very un-safe and people who had tickets for events tomorrow and Tuesday cannot use them, and have to get a refund. But tonight we are all celebrating Alexandre's win!

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Jacqueline said...

A belated Valentines Day to you my Enchanted Playhouse playmate! Did you know that yesterday you were in the Ka-Poodle kitchen making Chatty Cathy cookies?
I was down at the Aurora Antique Mall in Seattle yesterday (fun Val. surprize from hubby) and I saw a naked Chatty for $22and I almost bought her but bought vintage Barbies instead.