Sunday, February 14, 2010


Welcome to my Valentine's post. Here are some vintage Valentines for you to enjoy, collected for free while roaming the web. These are my all time favourite sort of Valentines. I love the artwork.
Above are a small collection of mini Valentines, sized for your dolls! If you kindly leave a comment, I will draw a name tonight and mail you these adorable little cards. I'm sure your dolls will love them!

Please visit this wonderful page to see more Vintage Valentines!
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
I nearly forgot it was Valentine's due to the fact of Olympic excitement here in Vancouver.
I made one Valentine's dress for Bleuette (above) but it was sent away for a swap.
Here is a Valentine's card I designed for this year; I gave away a few of these.

My hubby gave me a dozen red roses for a gift. He's so sweet.
I gave him a hand made card, and white chocolate from Purdy's and all my love.
We've been married nearly 28 years. I find it unbelievable! He's the love of my life and such a sweet, kind man. Here's our picture from last Valentine's:


one gal's trash said...

Love the teacup valentine! Have a LOVEly day!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Love your collection of Valentines, especially the two sweet cups!
Have a terrific day with your DH!

Sares said...

Happy Valentine's day! Your valentines are very sweet, I love the graphics too. Your hubbie sounds like a keeper for sure! I also scrolled down, how amazing you live where the Olympics are being held! It must be a once in a lifetime experience!

unexpected Necessities said...

Love,love,love your collection! Happy Valentines Day!Thanks for sharing!

~~Carol~~ said...

Cuteness alert! Oh my goodness, they're all just darling. Thank you so much for sharing them all, and now I want to go check out the rest of your blog!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Debbie said...

Love all the Valentine's, Loretta! I especially like the girl holding the chalkboard with "I Love You". But then there is the adorable picture of you as a baby. Now that is so sweet!
Enjoy your blog so much.
Debbie G

Denise Marie said...

very cute post. Combination...the stuff they came up with is so cute.

Kim G. said...

I love the tea cups! Very sweet! Happy Valentines Day!

Judi said...

All of the Valentine's are so sweet and yes the tea cup is cute, but I also adore the one with the comb and brush set! I love your dolls too ~ I posted an old commercial for her around Christmas time! They are so adorable! Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy those roses! Judi

Our Back Porch said...

OH! They are all so lovely. But you know I'm going to love the teacher one the best! lol I have had such fun with this party! Thanks for stopping by. It is nice to meet you! Hope you have had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Back Porch Blessings,

Betty said...

Hi Loretta

Love your girls in their Valentine dresses. These vintage Valentine cards are the best. They bring back so many memories. I miss sitting and doing Valentines with my kids. Loved the card you made and love the one with yours and Roberts picture.
I am also enjoying the Olympic pictures. Love your red hat and mittens.
Happy Valentines Day !!


Kelly Ballard said...

Happy Valentines Day. Love your cute Vintage Valentines.

Second Hand Chicks

Linda said...

love the tea cup one!


Becca said...

Loretta, Happy Valentine's Day! I am always so happy to see a link to your blog! I enjoy it so much! Hope your Bleus and Chattys had a wonderful day too!

Ruby said...

Your header of dolls is so pretty. Thanks for sharing the cards. I liked the 'brush-off' one. Cute. :)

Tallulah Antiques Closet said...

You have a great collection of Valentine cards. Thank you for visting my blog. It was great to see everyones cards.. Julian

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I love the "Brush Off" Card!

Thank you for sharing all of them with us for the Vintage Valentine Card Party. xo Joan, your hostess